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Nothing on here worked so I just started hitting combinations of buttons with the door open - wow there are quite a few hidden menus there For the toner life reset menu:1 Open the front cover of the printer2 press and hold the cancel button3 press the reprint button while still holding cancel - here is the reset menu - go to the appropriate cartridge on - the menu and reset it and you're done! Pressing the "Go" button and the up arrow gives you the parts life reset menu (drum, laser, fuser, etc.)I also did the electric tape over the windows - which worked before the reset - but I thought this fact would be helpful too. " I think it is the clear plastic opening on the sides of the cartridges where you can actually see the powder inside the cartridge - the color of the toner (magenta, yellow, or cyan). it really gets me that Brother would actually STOP me from printing until I go out and spend $100 on their overpriced toner. I bouught a new toner cartridge and after installing it the printer would not work. I followed your procedure and reinstalled the printer driver software. MFC-9320: I used the instructions that "Bret So Cal" posted and it worked like a charm. After doing this, I am still printing on all four of the starter cartidges and I did not cover any windows with tape or any of that stuff.

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I didnt really know that for sure when I tried, but it made sense, and it worked. it really gets me that Brother would actually STOP me from printing until I go out and spend $100 on their overpriced toner. I could deal with an annoying reminder, but total inability to use the printer in unacceptable IMHO (especially when their customer service is trained not to give you the real answer your looking for...) - unknown Thank you so much, hagan for posting the reset menu directions for the 4040!! Good luck, Rex Anderson On a MFC9840 the blue and yellow cartridges are spittingout toner!!

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Am using Brother -5170 DN and a TN-540 toner cartridge. My email address is [email protected] Thanks for the offer to help. I've begun getting a warning message on my MFC-9840CDW that the drum needs replacing, so I'm just wondering whether a) it will also disable (hit a hard stop) the printer at some point and if not, b) what is the issue with continuing to print without replacing it? We successfully reset the toner end message and have happily continued to print. Edited to say that we have the Brother -4040CDN i fixed the problem on my -2140 by resetting the "flag gears". Here is a copy of the info: There is a "flag gear" that, it seems, slowly turns (counterclockwise) as the toner cartridge is used, which finally hits a stop that appears to force the toner lht on and prevent printing even if there is toner left.

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The printer decided it was out of toner, even though the last page printed was fine. We have an - 2170w and a 2140 , the cartridges are interchangeable. It seems there is something in the printer itself that needs to be reset or is broken. - unknown The mechanical tape worked on my little lowly home printer. The ink is just outrageous and for someone who almost NEVER prints in color to have to replace color cartridges every 4 months or awesome. The drum is basiy the tray that holds the 4 toner cartridges...correct? Eventually, even though the toner window shows that there is still lots of toner in the cartridge, the cartridge starts to "spew" toner, not only on the printed paper, but inside the printer. I have a TN550 cartridge which was refusing to print, and indeed the gear was at the stopping point. On the gear side take off 2 screws, the flag gear (on the tn550) is the black gear on top rht side, with a small spring underneath.

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