Springfield armory rifle scopes manual

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Springfield Armory M1A 3rd Generation Scope

Don't look for Objective lense, power and tube size and expect them to be the same.

Gun Review Springfield Armory M1A - The Truth

What you are looking for is lht gathering, clear picture to edges, and ruggedness.


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The Military choose the Mk4, but statistiy it has a small exit pupil so brand "X" with a 56mm Objective and 30mm tube should be better? I know I can't afford a Leupold Mk IV and the B&L is also a bit on the hh end of things for me. Has anyone had any experience with the Springfield scopes???

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Wrong the quality of the lenses on cheap scopes is not good and try to shoot them in low lht and you can't get a sht picture. So it seems that my choices come to the Tasco, Springfield Armory, or the Leupold Vari-XIII 3.5-10x40mm Long Range M3. As for the Leupold, what type of adjustments does it have? It has two types of markings on the elevation turret.

Springfield armory rifle scopes manual:

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