Kity 439 planer thicknesser manual

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A wooden board is then inserted in to the machine until the first roller take a hold of it and it is then fed in. Includes dust collector and aluminium metal cutterblock guard.

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The planer knives remove the required amount of wood from one face and it is then pushed out of the planer thicknesser machine on the second roller. Features: 1280W; Feed Rate 8m/min; Aluminium Table; Dust Extraction Facility.

<i>Kity</i> <i>439</i> <i>Planer</i> <i>Thicknesser</i> <i>Manual</i> - get

Kity 439 Planer Thicknesser Manual - get

For those who don't know, a Planer Thicknesser is a powerful woodworking machine and a combination of a planer and a thicknesser.


The job of a planer is to plane one face of a board so that it is flat and do the same to one edge of the board. Compact combination 8" planer/thicknesser for the tradesman or DIY woodworker.

Kity 439 planer thicknesser manual:

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