Lg waveforce washer owners manual

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LG WT7700HWA 5.7. Top Load Washer w/

The LE error code stands for “Locked Motor Error.” This is one of the more common error codes that pops up on LG washing machines.

How to Fix an LG Washing Machine With an LE Code - Home

It’s also a fault condition that’s almost always caused by the Great Unwashed Illiterati.

Troubleshooting LG Top-Loading Washing Machine

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These are the folks who can’t be bothered by reading the user’s manual where it explicitly tells them to use only Hh Efficiency (HE) detergent.

Troubleshooting LG Top-Loading Washing Machine

Or if they do read it, they fure the manufacturer is just trying to sell them some over-priced detergent.

Lg waveforce washer owners manual:

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