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The pump is typiy encased in a hydrostatic transmission housing and is at least partially submerged in a bath of hydrostatic fluid. The chassis carries a conventional diesel engine which provides the traction drive for the machine through front wheels via a hydrostatic transmission. It is also known in the prior art to drive cutting blades of a mowing unit with hydraulic fluid. Rotation of the shaft produces a flow of fluid from each of the first and second pumps.

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Rotation of the shaft of the pump by the motor output shaft produces a flow of hydrostatic fluid from the pump. The flow of fluid from the first pump is used to propel the vehicle.


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A hydrostatic transmission with an integral actuator for a vehicle having an engine and a frame. discloses a riding mower having a propulsion means, a seat for the operator and at least one cutting head that is hydrauliy driven. It is also known in the prior art to selectively engage a power take-off using a vacuum actuator. When the PTO is to be disengaged, the brake arm is effective to stop the motion of the implement driven by the PTO, and to stop the implement within a very short time.

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The assembly includes a transmission housing for connection to a vehicle frame, a shaft for coupling the hydrostatic transmission to an output of a vehicle engine, a pump driven by the shaft and an actuator... discloses the rotation of pumps in fluid pumping units with a power take-off of a tractor to produce fluid pressure. The cutting head is controllable between an operating norm and a non-operating norm by means of a hydraulic valve having two movable spools, and the cutting head is movable between a cutting position and a transport position by means of a hydraulic cylinder. The present invention concerns a hydrostatic transmission with an integral actuator for a vehicle having an engine or motor and a frame.

Sundstrand hydrostatic transmission service manual:

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