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is auto or manual better for towing

Electric Impact Wrench vs. Air Impact Wrench -

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Electric <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Wrench</strong> vs. <strong>Air</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Wrench</strong> -

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I'm an amateur mechanic, and i'm wondering if i could use an electric impact driver in place of an air driven impact wrench. I ended up going with the impact wrench from the same line, which was $260 (compared to the driver's $180 price tag) and is specced for 300 ft-lbs (probably over, but there weren't any in between options), which removes things no problem.

Parts Information, Air Impact Wrench, Model 231C

I don't have a lot of space to use and store an air compressor, so a cordless electric item would be ideal. I have a calibrated torque wrench (manual) so I’m not worried about setting the correct torque value with the electric device. I work at a manufacturing plant where we have a need to drive down connections with final torque values of 35 ft-lbs.

Air impact wrench repair manual:

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