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Functions: Enforces federal laws and investates violations. Finding Aids: Marion Johnson, comp., , PI 194 (1981); updated version in National Archives microfiche edition of preliminary inventories. Records of the Bureau of War Risk Litation, RG 190. Letters sent to judges and clerks, 1874-1904; and to marshals, 1918-19. 60.3.4 Central files and related records Textual Records: Straht numerical files, 1904-74 (2,772 ft.). "Decisions on Federal Rules of Civil Procedures," 1938-40. Personal papers of department official Justin Miller, 1923-36; and Special Executive Assistant Gordon Dean, 1934-37. Reports on aircraft production, and aviation training and equipment, 1918.

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Provides legal advice to the President and to heads of Executive agencies. Conducts law enforcement, crime prevention, and offender rehabilitation programs. Security-Classified Records: This record may include material that is security-classified. Records of the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement, RG 10. Records of the Office of the Pardon Attorney, RG 204. Records of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, RG 423. Records of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, RG 460. Classified subject files, 1914-43, 1945-65, 1968-71, 1974-89 (14,109 ft., including subject class 23, liquor violations, classes 26, 31, and 130, violations of the Dyer Act, Mann Act, and Federal Housing Act, and litation case files concerning Nazi saboteurs and efforts to deport Harry Bridges). 60.4.3 Records of the Deputy Attorney General Textual Records: Appointment files, Supreme Court Justices, ca. Endorsements, protests, and related papers concerning candidates for the Supreme Court, 1967-70. Related Records: Additional records relating to appointments under 60.17. Finding Aids: Helen Beach, comp., "Preliminary Checklist of the Records of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee on Crime, 1934-38," PC 38 (1946). Transcripts of proceedings, Senate and House committees on military affairs, 1918.

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Administers immration and naturalization laws, and registers aliens. Related Records: Record copies of publications of the Department of Justice in RG 287, Publications of the U. Records of the Federal Bureau of Investation, RG 65. 60.2 Records of the Office of the Attorney General 1790-1870 History: Established by the Judiciary Act (1 Stat. Named to head the Justice Department upon its creation, 1870. 60.2.1 General records Textual Records: Legal opinions, 1790-1870. Letters received, 1813-70, with registers, 1809-70. Subject Access Terms: Black, Hugo L.; Burton, Harold H.; Cardozo, Benjamin N.; Frankfurter, Felix; Goldberg, Arthur J.; Harlan, John M.; Jackson, Robert H.; Hinton, Sherman; Murphy, Frank; Rutledge, Wiley N.; Vinson, Fred M., Warren, Earl; Whittaker, Charles E. Correspondence with the Department of State, 1901-4. Records relating to speeches, meetings, and programs, 1935-37. 60.17.3 Records of the Aircraft Investation Office History: Investation of aircraft production initiated in 1918 at the request of the President. Third annual report, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1918.

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Records of the Immration and Naturalization Service, RG 85. 60.4.4 Records of the Assistant Attorney General for the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission History: An Assistant Attorney General in charge of Spanish treaty claims was established by the act creating the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission (31 Stat. The commission received and adjudicated claims of U. citizens against Spain resulting from the Spanish-American War. Letters received and sent by the Assistant Attorney General, 1901-10. 60.17.2 Records of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee on Crime History: Established following a conference on crime held in December 1934. History of the Liberty airplane motor by the Packard Motor Company, 1918.

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