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This will be the bgest factor in keeping your ice in a solid state longer. Strongbags reply Tom, This feature has been there for about a year now. i packed enough food to last a 4 day trip and didn't spend 1 cent on at the airport/resturants!! Strongbags Support Answer - We made the change to a metal name tag that is removable. The double strap placement is sensible, because it doesn't tip when I pick it up with the food compartment unzipped - as the ebag will. I bought a hard liner bin from the dollar store which fits it perfectly. I wonder about a sturdy metal attachment bar on the top rear of the bag.

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The liner and insulation will work as advertised as long as you follow some basic rules. The top layer will melt faster than the bottom layer, but the food between is what is important. Keep your cooler zipper closed as much as possible - get your food and zip the lid closed, not just flipped closed. If you don't need this option, you may zip closed to allow quick easy storage of a book or magazines" Is this something that could possibly be added to this bag? I can see problems with the name tag holder on the chain.

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The Canadian Ice Cooler has the perfect balance between cold storage space and convenient pockets. If you're looking to max out the cold storage area, and don't mind having not as many pockets, go for our Glacier Flht Crew Cooler. I should get some payback for ALL the bags I have basiy sold for this company!!! Strongbags Reply: Josh, The Canadian Ice Cooler top pocket fits an ipad or the QC15's, but not both. Thanks Strong Bags Support Answer - The top and bottom pockets will fit an i Pad, although we don't recommend keeping electronic items underneath the cooler portion in case liner is punctured, or due to possible "sweating" in hh temperature/humidity environments. I also suggest a version without the bottom "manual" pocket. I would love to see a version without this "feature". I look forward to seeing it on the Amazon shopping site. I pack 4 days worth of food in this cooler and it stays cold and fresh. Would it be allowed to go through security screening WITH the ice?

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Please do not put your can opener in the main pocket, or any other sharp items that may cause a small hole. This is the newest version, and the toughest I love love love this bag. Strongbags Wondering if this cooler will fit an ipad and Bose headphones quiet comfort 15? I was wondering if you could fit a 13inch macbbok pro in the pocket below the cooler? The metal bar-attachment would keep the bag from swinging when using a luggage strap.

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