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Delta Omega 2000 Instructional Manual - HARMAN

You can set the undo molecule using the scripting function: in which you wish to restore from a backup but can't get it by the “Undo” mechanism described above.


In that case, start coot as normal and then open the (typiy most recent) coordinates file in the directory if it was set) . In such a case, it is sensible for neatness purposes to immediately save the coordinates (probably to the current directory) so that you are not modifying a file in the backup directory. Occasionally you may want to know the space of a particular molecule.

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The Coot User Manual - MRC Laboratory of Molecular

This file should contain python commands that set your personal preferences.

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The scripting functions described in this manual are formatted suitable for use with guile, (python).

Omega max remote start manual:

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