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interface Fast Ethernet1/23 switchport switchport access vlan 60 switchport mode access switchport voice vlan 130 no ip address mls qos trust cos spanning-tree portfast We have confured option 176 for every scope(except scope for VLAN 130 which is Voice VLAN) in Microsoft DHCP server with following parameters MCIPADD=, MCPORT=1719, L2QVLAN=130, L2QAUD=6, L2QS=6, VLANTEST=600where L2QVLAN = 130 is the dedicated vlan for IP phones i.e vlan 130.

Avaya IP phone not picking IP from Voice VLAN IP Telephony.

We have following confs on each 6513 switch to support Avaya IP phones.

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With a partnership spanning more than 40 years, Plantronics and Avaya have developed a deep level of technological integration, empowering contact center excellence and creating an enhanced audio and video experience for any business.

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Plantronics headsets are certified compatible with Avaya technology, enabling complete and seamless integration for users.

Avaya 5610 ip manual:

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