Innotek sd-2100 installation manual

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Containment Systems Electronic Registers t/a Innotek/SportDog.

Following are some useful resources to help you understand, install, use and maintain your in-ground containment fence.

Innotek Compatible Electronic Dog Fence Underground Pet Fencing

In-Ground Pet Containment Custom Yard Wiring Diagrams - In the course of planning your inground fence installation, you may find it useful to review our Custom Yard Wiring Diagrams, which provides you with various wiring confurations.

Replacement Rechargeable Batteries - All Dog Collar Brands

Innotek, Tri-Tronics, DT Systems, Dogtra E-Collars, Petsafe Systems.

Pet Containment Dog Fence FAQs - This provides answers to both training and cal questions that you may have regarding the best and safest use of your new in-ground dog fence. - This chart aids with determining how much wire you will need based on the size of the area you wish to fence.

Replacement Rechargeable Batteries - All Dog Collar Brands

Pet Containment System Wire Upgrade - explains in what conditions it is best to use 18 Gauge or 20 Gauge wire.

Innotek sd-2100 installation manual:

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