Innotek sd-2100 installation manual

ee 4139 instructions manual

ELECTRIC DOG FENCES Wireless Underground Pet Containment.

Following are some useful resources to help you understand, install, use and maintain your in-ground containment fence.

In-Ground Pet Fence Wire Break Troubleshooting. - Gun Dog Supply

In-Ground Pet Containment Custom Yard Wiring Diagrams - In the course of planning your inground fence installation, you may find it useful to review our Custom Yard Wiring Diagrams, which provides you with various wiring confurations.

Containment Systems Electronic Registers t/a <em>Innotek</em>/SportDog.

Replacement Rechargeable Batteries - All Dog Collar Brands

Pet Containment Dog Fence FAQs - This provides answers to both training and cal questions that you may have regarding the best and safest use of your new in-ground dog fence. - This chart aids with determining how much wire you will need based on the size of the area you wish to fence.

Innotek, Tri-Tronics, DT Systems, Dogtra E-Collars, Petsafe Systems.

Pet Containment System Wire Upgrade - explains in what conditions it is best to use 18 Gauge or 20 Gauge wire.

Innotek sd-2100 installation manual:

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